In Chinese, the word for "crisis" is composed of two characters next to each other.  The first one means "danger", the second "opportunity" 


The time of crisis is literally here: there is the fast pace of our world, the assault of too much to do with too little time and resources.  Being in the present moment is just a concept for most of us and has little translation to daily life practice.  Fear is wide spread and is polluting us on a very cellular level:  hypertension, autoimmune diseases, cancer, infertility, chronic back problems, anxiety, and depression; the list could continue forever.

Then on the other hand, there co-exists the light of Opportunity:   Can we live the life we want? Can we be authentic in our speech? Can we identify and release our underlying limiting beliefs so that we begin a new commitment towards genuine compassion, abundance, love and connection.


This heart centered healing web site invites understanding and exchange regarding how to live life more skillfully and joyfully.